Packing & Loading Guideline – Raw MDF





Currently Segamat Panel Boards Sdn Bhd is producing on average more than 6,000 m3 or nearly 2.5 million square meters per month of Premium Grade thin panel MDF to exacting International Standards. We have specialized in thickness from 1.5mm to a maximum of 6.0mm and manufacture these from E2 down to E0 formaldehyde emissions complying with either European, Japanese and US standards.

Our customers have the choice of MDF which is made from different wood species…

100% Rubber Wood (very light colour)
100% Tropical Mixed Wood (100% latex free)
There are many sizes that can be produced, however the main sizes of MDF offered are as follows:-

4ft x 8ft ( 1220 mm x 2440 mm )
4ft x 6ft ( 1220 mm x 1830 mm )
6ft x 8ft ( 1830 mm x 2440 mm )
7ft x 8ft ( 2135 mm x 2440 mm ) *
Multiple Door Skin Sizes
* Denote UNSANDED.

SPB Prime

SPB prime is represented by the Gold Bar, which corresponds to its “Gold” standard. It boasts of a virtually blemish-free, smooth and even surface density and possessing excellent machinability. This high quality MDF is SPB’s signature product and makes an excellent base for high quality furniture and more.

SPB – Prime Technical Specification

SPB Superior

SPB Superior is symbolized by a Diamond for its icon, to represent its hardness and exceptional quality, in comparison with the gold standard of its signature SPB PRIME. SPB Superior is characterized by its flawless appearance, surface smoothness, high density and hardness.

SPB – Superior Technical Specification

SPB Advance

SPB Advance is treated for moisture resistance. Its tolerance to moisture makes it suitable for use in kitchens and other moist or damp areas. It is also blemish-free, even in density
and durable.

SPB – Advance Technical Specification

SPB Defender

SPB Defender is high quality MDF, which has been treated for fire and heat retardation. This feature makes it well suited to safety doors, protective equipment and public buildings applications. It is also blemish-free and even in density.

SPB – Defender Technical Specification

SPB Basic

SPB Basic refers to the grade of MDF that was previously known as “Run of Mill” MDF. For applications where a very cost effective material is required still with Basic quality standards this is the panel for you. Suitable for applications where the material is not prominent in the product such as backers for furniture or picture frames.

SPB – Basic & Minor Technical Specification

SPB Minor

SPB Minor refers to the grade of MDF below Basic (previously known as Utility Grade). It has noticeable blemishes and a (either / or) combination of lower density and a slightly uneven surface. SPB minor can be used as slate boards or used as packing material.

SPB – Basic & Minor Technical Specification

SPB Anti Fungus

SPB Anti Fungus refers to the grade of MDF which has been treated to slowing down and prolong the mold grow.