Mission Statement

“To manage, arrange, organize and empower staff to achieve the Company’s Vision. This must be done collectively, as a team to optimize the effectiveness of the resources available to the management”


Vision Statement

“To be the Pre-eminent and Supplier of first choice for quality Thin Panel Raw MDF and Semi Finished MDF Worldwide”

Our management team remains focused, dedicated and fully accountable to ensure our customers’ needs are met and the company remains successful.

Our greatest asset. We have a committed and enthusiastic team, who are always alert to the needs of the industry.

Quality & Dependability
You can depend on our staff, products and service to deliver to your quality expectation.

Research & Development
We know well enough, in this market environment, never to rest on our laurels. We constantly strive to improve quality and to continue to innovate.

We pride ourselves to ensure that our operations have minimal or positive affects on the environment. We also only obtain our raw material (timber and biomass) from sustainable or waste sources.