SPB understands that the long-term success of any business cannot be determined by its profitability and “bottom-line” concerns alone and the company can no longer operate detached from society and its concerns.

With this in mind, the company is fully committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, highlighting accountability to its stakeholders and the well-being, in particular to its employees and the community at large.

With the goal of making a positive impact in the lives of the communities in which we operate in, our people at SPB are actively engaged in some activities to appropriately address the needs of our local communities, as well as the needs of our future generation.

• Donation to local Schools
• Donation to local Orphanage
• Humanitarian and Disaster assistance
• Students and Orphans study tours at SPB

SPB makes every attempt to provide the best possible support to employees in order to foster their wellbeing, development and professional growth. This will help employees add value to the company and the community at large.

Training, skill upgrading and personal development ensure the productivity and work quality. The company always appreciates and recognizes the employees’ contribution.

The company’s ultimate aim is to provide employees with:
• Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle
• Vibrant and Connected work environment
• Skills and Personal Development
• Recognition and Career Growth

SPB is concerned about the environment and the sustainability of natural resources. The company installed an energy plant which uses the wood waste from the MDF production to generate “Energy” to save the operation costs and it is environmental friendly due to low emission. The company also emphasis the energy saving by monitoring and reviewing daily basis.

The company’s product itself is an “Eco Green” product. Only legally sourced timber residues or plantation species wood are used in the MDF production. Sustainability of wood resources are crucial and the company always works hard to minimise any wastage of this valuable resource.

Continuously adding value to the marketplace and contributing to the development of the industry are considerations that are given priority in SPB’s products, services and market initiatives.

Our initiatives include:
• Leading Innovation, stimulating market participation
• Thought leadership and knowledge exchange
• Improving product and service benefits to customers
• Strong corporate governance and business partners relations
• Working through government agency to promote a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.