Prime Coated MDF is a better solution for an excellent paint finish in the furniture and door industry.  Primers are formulated to seal the surface – and when the surface is sealed, less final paint is used due to low absorption. It saves time and reduces your costs. You can bypass a prime coat process in your production as we are able to provide you the MDF with a prefinished Quality Prime Coat on the surface. Water-based prime coat can block all stains and fill any pin holes, so you can start your paint process hassle free. Prime Coated MDF also prevents common paint problems like cracking, peeling and blistering and your paint will retain its original colour even longer.

SPB Prime Coating line can offer up to 6 feet wide Prime Coated MDF in White or other primary colours. This will be the BEST choice for you if you are currently involved in the prime coating furniture or door business.


  • Smoother Base
  • Cost & Time Saving
  • Excellent Primers for Painting
  • Less Paint Consumption
  • Makes Colours Richer
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Can be used on Panels Up to 6ft Wide


  • Furniture
  • Door Skin
  • Partition Wall

** Prime Coat MDF Technical Specification